Clinton's Dnc Speech

Topics: George W. Bush, President of the United States, Democratic Party Pages: 3 (964 words) Published: February 1, 2013
Clinton’s Captivating DNC Speech
On September 5th 2012, former president Bill Clinton stepped on stage to address citizens at the Democratic National Convention and countless other Americans watching from home. Clinton’s speech took place prior to the Republican National Convention, and responds to many of the misleading claims that were made there. Clinton’s clear goal and objective is to inform and educate the American voters as to why he believes Barak Obama should be re-elected as opposed to Governor Romney. In doing this he not only gives the facts, but cements his ethos by referencing his own presidency and letting his record speak for itself on issues such as; jobs, the economy, healthcare, and even the constant bickering between parties.

Clinton instantly dives in by pointing out the major flaw in politics: the fighting between parties. “Through my foundation, in America and around the world, I work with Democrats, Republicans and Independents who are focused on solving problems and seizing opportunities, not fighting with each other.” (Clinton 1) “Though I often disagree with Republicans, I never learned to hate them the way the far right that now controls their party seems to hate President Obama and the Democrats.” (Clinton 2) What Clinton does in this passage is put the constant fighting between parties in perspective. He has worked with Republicans before and after his presidency and gives credibility to the idea the compromising is possible. I think that in talking about how his foundation’s focus is “on solving problems and seizing opportunities, his is connecting to the everyday, average American who is tired of corruption and lack work being done by both sides. To further this argument he throws out a quote made by Reagan and even gets an applause for Bush by stating, “I worked with President George Hw.W. Bush on national education goals and am grateful to President George W. Bush for his efforts and work with PEPFAR” which is an...
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