Clint Eastwood and Assign Casual Attributions

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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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SocializationSeptember 20, 2010

What does it mean to be human?
--Humans do not naturally develop into persons.
Gran Torino scene—dispute with young asian friend/neighbor…concerns what about to do/what done in past. Get a sense that people aren’t really meant to kill. Ironic that Clint eastwood’s character gets a medal for killing boy that was surrendering.

--social interaction—being in relationship—makes us persons.
--socially isolated human selves prove to be emaciated selves and underdeveloped persons. We need bonding to even become smart.
--raises minor concerns about communications technology
--texting relationship is underdeveloped, could be richer

Human capacities—know multiple ones.
--mental representation, volition, practical consciousness, emotion, moral awareness and judgment, emotion, understand quantity, quality, time, and space, assign casual attributions, creativity, interest formation, long-term memory, intersubjective understanding, technology, self-transcendence, meanings, symbolization, language use, narratives, valuation, anticipating the future, identity formation, self-reflexivity, abstract reasoning, truth seeking, forming virtues, aesthetic judgment (more on slide).

we need social interaction—Castaway—creates Wilson (volleyball) because something to react to.

Idioglossia: idiosyncratic language. Humans have no natural language. Even sex is socialized. We have to learn about it to understand it, know that it exists. Not natural.

Moral Socialization
--While all children are born with some capacity to care about other people, the trait takes awhile to mature.
--concern for improving the condition of others
--typically quicker in girls than boys
--thinking about people you don’t know about
--family influence
Is anything not socialized?
--socialization of emotions
--gendered emotions
--class-based emotions
--socialization of risk
--what exactly is risky behavior?
Amazed at how...
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