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CLINIQUE, which is a famous international makeup and personalized skin care brand, has been founded in 1968 in New York, USA. According to Xiaoqian (2004) mentioned that CLINIQUE is related to the English word clinic at the beginning of be founded, so just from the name can be seen this brand is held tightly with medical test. CLINQUE formed the strong contrast with other makeup and personalized skin care brand as its simple packaging, pure& fresh smell, and the background of medical research. This essay is going to describe the emotional and rational brand values and characters of CLINIQUE makeup and personalized skin care products from following marketing ideas: identifying market segments and selecting target markets, setting the product and branding strategy, and price considerations and strategies. And also shows why the customer chooses CLINIQUE instead of the makeup and personalized skin care products of others brand such as LANCOME and Christian Dior.

Firstly, makeup and personalized skin care producers such as CLINIQUE, make a variety of makeup and personalized skin care productions from 3-step, skin care, makeup, fragrance, hair care, sun+body and men’s care. (CLINIQUE, 2005) 3-step is the first products for CLINIQUE, it includes: Facial Soap, Clarifying Lotion, and Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. Skin care involves makeup removers, cleaners, and eye treatment, etc. Foundations, eye shadows, and lips sticks, etc are consisted in makeup products of CLINIQUE. (CLINIQUE, 2005) Marketers need to identify the most appropriate market segments to direct their marketing efforts because the wants and needs of consumers differ greatly. For example, an office young lady as a secretary working in a large company is more likely to want some makeup products than say an age under 20years old lady might needs and wants of the personalized skin care products. CLINIQUE, LANCOME, and Christian Dior appear to segment their potential customers in needs bases,...
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