Clinical Psychology

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Clinical Psychology
Melissa Barrow
PSY 480
May 9, 2013
Joshua Stoick

Clinical Psychology
Clinical psychology has evolved into a thriving field. The early origins of psychology took place during the late 1800s and early 1900s. During this time the foundation for clinical psychology took place ("The Evolution Of Clinical Psychology", 2012). Sir Francis Galton began to study the differences between people; his work facilitated the interest of studying the human mind (Plante, , 2011).The first psychology laboratory was developed in German by Wilhelm Wundt, shortly after the first psychology laboratory was established in the United States by William James (Plante, , 2011).The first psychological clinic was established by Lightner Witmer in 1896, it was Witmer who coined the term clinical psychology ("The Evolution Of Clinical Psychology", 2012). World war one and world war two gave clinical psychology the jump start it needed. The need for mental health treatment and psychological testing occurred during this time. The United States relied on psychological testing to identify individual’s mental short comings. This was the start of psychological testing such as personality test, army alpha, and army beta test (Plante, , 2011). Once the wars ended significant advancements in clinical psychology took place, new assessments were developed and older assessments were revised. In the 1950s the first Diagnostic and statistical manual for mental disorders was published. During this time period new forms of psychotherapy began to emerge such a behavioral and humanistic approaches ("The Evolution Of Clinical Psychology", 2012). Since the 1970s clinical psychology has rapidly evolved, to meet the demands of the mental health needs, and to stay incompliance with laws and regulation (Plante, , 2011).

Research and Statistics
Research and statistics are imperative for the field of clinical...
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