Clinical Performance of the 4th Year Nursing Student of Bulacan State University School Year 2011-2012

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  • Published : June 25, 2012
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This chapter dealt with conceptualizing the research. Wherein, it provided a brief introduction about the topic that raised the intellectual curiosity of the researcher. It tackled “what” was to be studied and “why” the study was undertaken. It also discussed the extent to which the study was made, the perceived weaknesses that were anticipated and those that were beyond the control of the researcher.

“A nurse does not need knowledge or the skill, not even the attitude alone. Since these attribute acts as feet of a tripod on which a nurse stand. The devoid of one is the collapse of the others.” (Estrella, 2007) Nurses know that psychomotor skills are important but, performance without knowledge does not constitute nursing. Nursing knowledge of health and disease processes is of little use without appropriate nursing skills to implement. The abilities to plan and organize work are of little benefit to patients or clients if the attitude that nurses value such as, caring and patience is not present; therefore, integration of the knowledge, skills and attitudes of nursing is the essential key to understanding and performing competencies. Nursing today, faces a lot of challenges. Perhaps this is secondary to the fact that there is a continuous decline in the national passing rate of the nursing professionals. These raised an alarming concern regarding the quality of nursing education here in the Philippines. Most would even question the competency of newly licensed nurses because they believe that the academe does not provide the necessary knowledge and skills needed for entry level. In Bulacan, nursing schools are rapidly experiencing natural death. Very few colleges remained standing to attest that they could provide quality education. Bulacan State University is one of those, however from 2008 up to present, a notable decrease in the passing rate was observed. In lieu with this, the researcher would like to know whether the students could still provide competent nursing care through an evaluation in their clinical performance. Through this study, the researcher would gather information that would further enhance the quality of nursing education and will hone well-equipped nurses in the future.

Background of the Study
Bulacan State University is one of the premier schools that provide quality education in various fields of the profession. Under the university, the college of nursing was established. It envisions to be the center of excellence in nursing education where students’ talents and skills are honed to the fullest potentials in a culture that promotes highest academic standards. In the year 2008, the college produced their pioneer batch of nursing professional with a significant passing rate in the local board exam. Through the years, they continue to strive to improve their services to the students. However, a notable decreased was observed despite all these efforts. This may roughly affect the clinical performance of the future nursing professionals. The researcher would like to determine their competency in the entry level and how it might be affected by the present nursing academe.

Statement of the Problem
The study aimed to evaluate the clinical performance of the 4th year nursing student of Bulacan State University school year 2011-2012. Specifically it answered the following questions:
1. How may the respondent’s profile be described in terms of: a. Age
b. Year in the BSN program
2. How would the clinical instructors rate the performance of BSN 4 students in the clinical area as regards knowledge, skills and attitudes? a. Based on the length of exposure of the students in the hospital b. Based on the frequency they have handled the students

3. How would BSN 4 students rate their performance in the clinical area as regards knowledge, skills and attitudes? 4. Is there significant difference between the...
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