Clinical Performance of Ncm 105 Male and Female Nursing Students in the Operating Room

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Chapter 1

Background of the Study
Clinical competency is the ability of an individual to use his knowledge effectively in doing something. Clinical competence can be perceived as a way of demonstration on which learner attempts to perform the skill with cues from the teacher as needed. This competency is necessary in nursing profession (Bastable, 2004). Mimi (2006), pointed out that nursing profession is a tedious job on which primary goal is to render health care services towards patient. Its practice is the actual provision of nursing care through nursing care plan that is encompassed in nursing process.

With all of this process, nursing sectors exemplifies by education, administration and service, collaborating with each other just to uplift the standard for safe and quality nursing care. In fact, Chung (2009) affirmed that, nursing students are required to participate in clinical education, training and assessment in order to ensure that they can apply their knowledge in a competent manner for the care of their patients. He also agreed that although the study of medicine, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and clinical research is important for the practice of becoming a nurse, nursing students must also acquire the skills necessary to achieve competency.

Clinical performance of nursing student is measured through observation and feedback during clinical rotations they are also assessed using stimulated scenarios with patients in a fair and objective way. Moreover, clinical performance of nursing students can be assessed and compared objectively through assessing their cognitive skills, psychomotor skills and their effectiveness. (Adah 2009)

Truly that, to better attest the student’s learning in regards with these certain topics, they are allow to apply their knowledge into practice, however, assurance is not well imposed – for insufficiency in acquired insights has been empirically observed through passing years.

According to Ashby (2009), an estimated of 56.4% of those students who commits mistake in their respective clinical areas were attributed to medication calculation. They admitted that not all information were reflected well in nursing curriculum, there were times when a student must explore within himself some of the pertinent information to aid in developing critical thinking that can possibly use during difficulties related with patient care.

Statement of the Problem
The main objective of the study was to determine the clinical performance of NCM 105 students particularly in the Operating Room. Specifically, this study sought to answer the following: 1. What is the clinical performance of NCM 105 male nursing students in the operating room? 2. What is the clinical performance of NCM 105 female nursing students in the operating room? 3. Is there any significant difference between the male and female NCM 105 students in terms of their clinical performance?

There is no significant difference between the male and female NCM 105 students in terms of their clinical performance.

This segment consists of a collection of pertinent readings, published and unpublished, in local or foreign settings. It tends to specify where the previous study ends and where the current study begins, and the similarities and differences of related researches to the current research.

Clinical performance is the capability to perform acceptably those duties directly related to patient care – an ability that is necessary nowadays. With an increase shortage of qualified nurses in the health care workforce, as consequence of this, there had been several significant government inquiries into issues associated with the recruitment and retention of nurses.

Hass (2004) stated that it could be reasonably argued that the effort and resources, that are employed to recruit nursing...
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