Clinical Pain

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  • Published : July 4, 2011
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Treatment options for Clinical Pain

Clinical pain requires medical treatment in order to get better. Treatments to acute clinical pain are necessary for correct patient care as well as for preparing for no complications during recovery. While treating acute clinical pain a patient’s stress is minimized so this contributes to faster and better healing times and also promotes in the patients positive emotional well being. If the clinical pain has become worse enough to be chronic pain there is a more difficult plan of treatment that must be followed. These certain pain treatments can include: surgical, behavioral, cognitive, and pharmacological treatment. These treatment plans are made to benefit the patient on the pain descriptions, disease, and the individual patient’s needs (Sarafino, 2006). When dealing with clinical pain patients need to be and are assessed by an individual basis. The following four approaches include: Surgical treatment which helps to eliminate or reduce pain, cognitive therapies which gives the patients tools for dealing with the chronic pain that they may be going through, medications, and behavioral therapy (Sarafino, 2006). To help with explaining these approaches we will assess three individual cases. Case 1 has a patient that is suffering from a below the knee amputation with clinical pain. Case 2 involves an individual who is suffering from post-operative acute pain from having an abdominal hysterectomy and case 3 includes a patient that is suffering from chronic headache pain that does not involve migraine headaches (Axia College, 2010). When we look at the first case we already understand that the pain associated with an amputation is describes as phantom limb pain (Sarafino, 2006). Although we can assume that the pain is phantom limb pain we also must see what could also be the underlying causes of this pain. The possibility of a prosthetic limb not fitting properly can cause the same pain as any. It is also possible the...
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