Clinical Governance and Patient Safety

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  • Published : January 7, 2013
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HS711 CLINICAL GOVERNANCE AND PATIENT SAFETY Student no 1106154 UP:12/04/2012-07:22:52 WM:12/04/2012-07:23:40 M:HS711-4-SP A:11a1 R:1106154 C:247CF1EADC9DA0F26065022703A21C45C87E8E62

The aim of this assignment is to explore the clinical governance in connection with the provision of patient safety when administering drugs, study will relate to an incident in the author workplace (See appendix 1). The author presents the outcomes of Care Quality Commission (CQC 2010) related to this situation in order to prevent similar occurrences in the future. Clinical governance was first described in the government white paper as a new system in the NHS Trust and primary. It provided a framework which supported local NHS organisations in the regulation of duty and quality through the National Health Service& Community Care act of 1990 (National Health Service and Community Care Act, 1990). The reason for introducing clinical governance into the NHS was a deficiency in the quality of services and delivering them after exposure by the media and government investigation of Bristol Royal Infirmary and Shipman inquiry. Following high profile enquires; action had to be taken to address shortcomings in reporting and learning from incidents as well as the role of professional regulation in safeguarding patients which had led to poor professional practice (NHS 2007). Clinical governance develops constantly, and creates the highest standards, through NHS (Scally and Donaldson 1998). To ensure the development and safety of patients and public in all areas of care are covered Clinical Governance is composed of at least the following elements: Education and Training-it theme is excellently educated and trained clinical staff, which is necessary to supply the best quality care and service to the public and patients (Clinical Governance Toolbox 2011). 1

Clinical audit-this is process which, through systematic study, checking quality and UP:12/04/2012-07:22:52 WM:12/04/2012-07:23:40 M:HS711-4-SP A:11a1 R:1106154 C:247CF1EADC9DA0F26065022703A21C45C87E8E62

laying out the criteria, makes changes aiming at improving the quality of patient care (NICE/CHI 2002). Clinical effectiveness- through the identification of effective information and evidence-based clinical practice, making changes in that practice based on the justified information and monitoring and controlling whether the changes resulted in an improvement, seeking to maintain and improve the health of the population or individual patient (Wirral University 2012). Research and development-striving to improve public and patient needs through the development of evidence based on social needs and care, and conducting scientific research to meet those needs (Department of Health 2012) Openness-reflect the intentions of the Government, that NHS organizations should ensure that public have greater access to information about the service, guided by the principles defined by the Department of Health (Department of Health 2003). Risk management- deals with the whole range of cases that can be and are wrong on employees, patients, society, and even on errors in the administration to determine, identify and then to prevent any risk in order to improve the quality of care provided and ensure patient safety(National Patient Safety Agency 2012). To guard against bad experiences in the past, on 1 April 2009 The Care Quality Commission began operating as the independent regulator of health and adult social care in England, replacing the Healthcare Commission, the Commission for Social Care Inspection and the Mental Health Act Commission(CQC 2012). The Care Quality Commission is a new regulator for health and social care in England. The


Quality Commission role is to provide better care for all people in hospitals, nursing UP:12/04/2012-07:22:52 WM:12/04/2012-07:23:40 M:HS711-4-SP A:11a1 R:1106154 C:247CF1EADC9DA0F26065022703A21C45C87E8E62

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