Clinical Experience of Student

Topics: Nursing, Nurse, Florence Nightingale Pages: 7 (2525 words) Published: April 13, 2012
The Learning Experience
of a student nurse,
a critical analysis.

Prepared By:
Azores, Mae Ann A.
BSN 3D2-6

Submitted To:
Mr. Dennis Ubenia
Eng5A- Instructor

My learning throughout the first year has been helped by an unerring optimism in the value of nursing, and an appreciation that each and every daily interaction augments my experience. This enthusiasm, however, has caused an inhibitory effect on my self-directed researching, and created conflict in some placement areas. While developing my role as a nurse, my activities as a person at home and beyond have diminished, as I attempt to adjust to the demands of both domains (Spouse 2003:109). I resent distracting influences, and frequently domestic pressures restrain my desired pace to accumulate factual knowledge. As described by Palmer et al. (1994:40), my learning can oscillate between two extremes, “all or nothing”. Spouse (2003) depicts the student nurses’ need to develop multi-tasking skills emotionally, mentally and physically as they are caught between the cultures of clinical areas, peer-driven University life and home. The conflicts arising from these settings create a disharmony, which I believe for some, may undermine nursing as a career choice. The competence of a future nurse is evaluated by evidence-based documents, instructors, mentors assignment and examination results and is based on a continuum of regular assessments. The learning experience of a student nurse remarkably influences own practice in clinical areas, as well as the performance level of the student in academic matters.

First timers in clinical rotation engage themselves in the initial stage of familiarizing and accustoming one’s self to the practice becomes crucial. This is the point when printed theories in books and hand outs are recalled and reshuffled in the mind in order to carry out the best intervention suited for a particular situation. It was never easy for the a novice student nurse to be assigned in the OB ward or in the emergency room without sufficient knowledge about postpartum care or familiarity with the basic instrument used in minor surgeries. Also, inadequate and ineffective education influences the manner that one gains necessary principles and skills needed in actual and assisted delivery cases. This has affected the coping strategies of the trainees to different problems arising in the clinical settings. In reality, some just performed as assistants instead of handling actual deliveries—this is also dependent to the hospital protocols—and some were just given free cases.

This fact has urged others’ curiosity to get a hasty view of the first learning experiences of the other nursing students who are also in the same level. Some people ought to assess the level of students’ adjustment with the respect to different conflicts they have encountered so that appropriate improvements in nursing education programs will be obtained. The trend to commit oneself to healthcare field has not yet wiped out especially in nursing profession. Students seem to be devotedly engaging themselves into this line as seen with continuous enrollment of freshmen students and transferees, may it be influenced by financial demands, personal preferences, or just by current blooms. The Professional Regulation Commission reported that the country has an oversupply of 400,000 licensed nurses (Porcalla, 2008). With this fact that there are still thousands of nursing graduates in the country who are either unemployed or working as call center agents, clerks, salesladies or salesmen, discouragement in the part of the fresh high school graduates is still invincible. Though many say that those temporary jobs are just their means of earning money while waiting for the board examination, individual encounters prove that a significant percentage of those graduates would just end up working in the same condition; others fortunately have passed the board and served as volunteer nurses to gain...
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