Climax and Ruby

Topics: Climax, Family Pages: 3 (705 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Adjectives for Ruby
* Red Hair – Pg. 11
* Pale Skin – Pg. 11
* Tall – Pg. 11
* Wiry Frame – Pg. 11
* Homely – Pg. 13
* Short Hair – Pg. 23
* Independent – Pg. 146
* Unsociable – Pg. 228
* Worried – Pg. 372
* Afraid – Pg. 380


Says Does
“I’m so confused Ruby tries to run away Why would my own from her sister Cara’s mother abandon me?” house because she doesn’t “I’m absolutely fine want to live there. on my own. I don’t Ruby does a drug with a person need your help.” from her old school to get

some things off her mind.

Feels Like Looks Like She feels abandoned Ruby is a thin and tall,
because her mother left her. redheaded teenaged girl. She is worried because she She is also very fair skinned hasn’t heard from her mom and has a wiry frame.
in months.

Quotes from Others Cara(Ruby’s Sister) – “She seems so irritated. I can tell she doesn’t want to be here.” Nate(Ruby’s Boyfriend)

“I’m thrilled to finally see
you’ve adjusted to being here. Your much happier.” Metaphors
* Gervais’s hot date turned out to be a dud.
* I didn’t want Nate and...
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