Climate of Trust

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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A Climate of trust is important because it determines appropriateness, effectiveness or likely consequences of behavior. A climate of trust also influences our interpretations of others behaviors as well as our expectations. It is one of the most important tasks groups must accomplish.

Trust among people is essential for groups to work effectively. Very little is accomplished in a group without trust until the individuals learn to trust one another (“Climate and conflict”). Without trust subordinates are likely to ignore, disguise and distort facts, ideas, conclusions and feelings. They are suspicious and unreceptive, perceiving their manager's actions as attempts to manipulate them (Kouzes & Posner, 1999).

Ways a Leader can develop trust

1. Communication

Open communication promotes trust. Communication begins as we get to know one another. Trust grows as we talk and share information about ourselves. There is a spirit of trust and cooperation when everyone has equal opportunity to participate in the group. The group will be most successful when members rely on one another. Group members must learn to recognize and pool their talents, energy and resources to accomplish goals together (n.d.).

2. By controlling the groups physical and social atmosphere

The physical environment is the setting where the group usually meets. A positive physical climate includes: adequate space for all members to sit, tables and chairs that are arranged so members can see one another for direct, open discussion, comfortable room temperature so members stay alert and adequate lighting for seeing people (n.d.).

The social environment has to do with how people relate to one another. It affects their emotions. A positive social environment can be established by: Getting to know one another, asking members for their opinions and suggestions, defining group goals and reasons for group activity, orienting new members so they can become contributing members...
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