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Climate Change

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  • November 2011
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1. Introduction 1 2. Definition of Climate Change 1 3. The Current Debate about the Causes of Climate Change 2 3.1 Natural Process 2 3.2 Anthropogenic 2 4. The study of France to Climate Change 3 4.1 France’s Position 3 4.2 France’s Strategies 3 5. Conclusion and Expectation 4 6. References 5

1. Introduction
Currently, enormous extreme weather events are warning people that the earth is suffering changes. During January to February in 2011, there are such events as the North American winter storm and Cyclone Yasi as well as other rainfall events over Australia resulting in extreme flooding. Global warming is reckoned as the main factor of extreme weathers by climate scientists. Meanwhile, the Cancun Climate Conference ended in December of last year with a vague agreement to assist poor countries in dealing with climate change by establishing a Green Climate Fund. This paper seeks to define climate change by reviewing recent research into global warming and then discuss the causation. Taking the case of France, section four explores its positive stance on climate change and analyses its main strategies, particularly about the energy policy.

2. Definition of Climate Change
For the purpose of this article, climate change is narrowly defined as stable increase in temperature that is comparatively observed unusual over a long period of time. It is generally believed that greenhouse gases (GHG) result in global warming. Specifically, CSIRO (2009a, p.1) asserts an increase in temperature by 0.74℃ over the last century consisting with the rise in GHG....

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