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Climate Change

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1. Introduction
The Cancun Talk on climate change was held in Mexico and many countries joined in to achieve a new negotiation on dealing with increasing temperature.   Thus, the discussion of its causation factors has also become an important part in solving climate change problem.   Although the issue now is been explored that it is due to two main reasons which are human activities and natural factors, there is no consensus about the causation.   This report will define climate change and explain whether climate change is induced by human or nature.   It will also indicate a study of Iceland’s situation and policies taken to curb CO2 emission particularly in renewable energy use.

2. Definition of climate change
Climate change is defined as the long-term variation in weather conditions frequently regarded as global warming.   CCIR-NYC (2005, P.1) explains that climate change shows the change both in the mean temperature and the frequency that extreme weather appears. Climate change is not only correlated with increasing temperature but also some disasters caused by climate such as drought, storms.   As it is claimed by Davidson (2006, p.28), scientists find that climate change are more severe than predicted.   Risks such as sea level rising caused by the melting of glaciers may accelerate (Idso & Singer, 2009, p.4).   Thus, climate change may bring vulnerable catastrophes.   Since Iceland is a country has a large amount of glaciers, global warming will have a dreadful impact on Iceland.

3. The current debate about the causes of climate change
Scientists view that global warming is caused by two main factors which are natural process and anthropogenic influence.

1. Natural process
Global temperature is affected by some elements included in the natural process.   Firstly, it is explored that strong volcanic activities may cause abnormal temperature over a period of time.   IPCC (2007, pp.667-668) reviews that during the end of the 20th century,...

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