Climate Change

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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Climate Change Regulation
August 13, 2011
University of Phoenix

Climate Change Regulation
Climate change is occurring unexpectedly and the government needs to address different ways to approach the situation. With the different climate change that is going on, society and especially the government needs to analyze and collect data to gather information as to how the situation can be handled. “Climate change should go beyond traditional state and transnational regulation to encompass hybrid regulatory forms which blur the distinction between the public and private, mandatory and the voluntary destabilizes the boundaries between the global, the national and the sub-national” (Rosen-Vhi, pg. 1, 2011).

As the climate continues to change, scientists begin to study the shifting of the climate. Scientists are now more challenged because climate change does not just affect the ecosystem, but the human population as well. Having the environment rain for many days without the sun could greatly affect the environment as well. Many companies and certain individuals now are responsible for cutting too many trees that there is not enough energy to surface in the forest. Certain individuals are hunting animals for personal pleasure, and while hunting for animals some individuals abuse what is in the forest. Cutting down trees may seem like it does not cause any effect to the environment, but it greatly affects how the ecosystem operates. While trying to recycle is very effective and important in today’s society, not many agree. Cutting down trees to build personal use is also being abused. Building properties, roads, and other buildings also causes the climate change. Climate change also affects animals and plants in many ways. With the increase of individuals smoking contributes to the air pollution which greatly causes health problems to many individuals. “While gradual climate change affords society time to implement economically...
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