Client Server Architecture

Topics: Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, Multitier architecture, Application server Pages: 3 (511 words) Published: December 19, 2011
EBT imp questions for externals !
Unit 1
-What is client n server or diff between client n server. Explain 3 tier architecture with tp n application server wid diagrams -Explain net meeting and remote desktop connection.

Unit 2
-Explain internet working with diagrams (intranet, extranet and internet..also explain router, hub and switch) -History of internet
-ISP services. And types of ISP services.

Unit 3
-TCP/IP (layers and finctions)
-IP address (forms and classes)

Unit 4
-What is CSS? How to do internal and external style sheets with examples. -frame, tables, bullets and input tags.
-radio buttons, text box and check box

Unit 5
-What r scriptings, server pages, DHTML? With one examples each -object oriented concepts
-UML (unified modelling language) (use case and class diagrams)

TQM Imp questions for external exams

1. What is quality? What are the four stages of quality?
2. What is TQM? What are the key principle and benefits of TQM? 3. What is inspection? Where is it done and why? (ans: mention quality  and quantity. Two types in quality: variable and attribute)
4. What are the functions and objectives of inspection?
5. What is Daming’s prize/award? What are the 14 Damming’s  principles/ what is damming’s philosophy?
6. What is 6 sigma? What are the benefits of it?
7. What is ISO international? Give background history of ISO 9000. What are the benefits of ISO certification? 
8. What is auditing and how is it done?

9.Short notes
• Quality circles and its importance
• What is producers risk and customers risk?
• Control charts
• Cause and effect diagram
• Quality quality cost
• Random sampling plan
• Quality planning

8. What is A.O.Q.L (average outgoing quality level) AOQL= n/1000 where n is number of defects and 1000 is the lot size 
9. What is Malcolm Baldrige national quality award
10. Who’s Kaizen? What are his principles of continuous improvement in  quality?
11. What is quality function...
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