Client Interacting Strategy

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  • Published : March 16, 2012
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Client Interaction Strategy
Client Interaction Strategy
The change initiative to replace Kudler Fine Foods current software system has been proceeding as scheduled. Communicating the process to the main players is the next step. Below is Hall Consulting’s interpretation of the Kudler Fine Foods organizational chart with the primary people Hall Consulting will be in direct correspondence with. Store Operations includes in with store managers. Chart 1.1 Kudler Fine Foods Organizational Chart


Power and Leadership in Kudler Fine Foods
Kathy Kudler established Kudler Fine Foods from a personal vision, and has led the organization by the hand, to the top of the gourmet grocery food world. Kathy Kudler has a strong power base derived from positional power and personal success. Positional power and personal power is the foundation in which she can extend her success. Kathy Kudler can use her influence in securing the consent of her executive staff to assist, collaborate, and work with her in delivering the software to the organization in a smooth transition. She has the backing of staff, whose leadership qualities are just as strong as she possesses. Kudler Fine Food’s executive staff’s leadership can be attributed to Kathy Kudler’s effective leadership, acquiring and exercising her power to produce positive powerful dynamics that in turn impacts the organization over the long run. Leveraging the Existing Power Structure

Kudler Foods has a good power base with Kathy Kudler at the helms. She has positioned herself to lead by exercising her power. She does not misuse her power, or abuse others to the point of unproductiveness or counterproductive power struggles. Kathy’s directors have proven track records of leadership. She can depend on them. Using the structure she currently has, each director will have a role in the change process. Chart 1.2. Power Structure and Owning Process

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