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Example for Individual Assignments

Week 3 Individual Assignment

This sample database is for a company that performs contract work for other companies. The contract work is software development. The contracting company is hired by another organization to perform specific software development. The contracting company does not consider the software developers as employees; rather they are contractors working on contracts. The contractors do receive a check for their work from the contracting company; however, because they are not employees, they check does not include normal employees’ deductions. The check contains the amount for the work performed. The tables needed for this simple database are listed below.

The Daily Log table records the work a contractor performs on a specific contract on a given day. As a contractor performs their work they record the time that they started working on a contract and then what time they stopped working on that contract to either go to lunch or to go home at the end of the day. The daily log has entries for a contractor to work on up to four different contracts on a day. If a contractor goes to lunch and works on the same contract all day, then they would include the start and stop times before lunch and the start and stop times after lunch, and include the contract number for both entries. Thus if a contractor worked on the same project throughout a single day, there would be two entries in the daily log. When setting up the table for the log data, the date is one of the fields in the table so when you look at the time fields, the date is not part of the time field.

The Contractor table contains the names and personal information for each contractor that the contracting company has hired.

The Contracts table contains the information about a contract. This includes the company name, address and contact person.


Contractor ID Number
Home Address
Home Telephone Number
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