Click Through Case

Topics: Advertising, Web banner, Brand Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: February 19, 2013
1. What does an advertiser want? Sales, leads, brand awareness? What are the best metrics for measuring these?

Advertisers want brand recognition and revenue from it; for a new product is brand awareness and for an old product it’s to sustain and increase its revenue. The best metrics for measuring these are CPM (cost per thousand impressions), this is used for measuring people who saw the ads. CTR (click through rate), this is a way of measuring consumer who click on advertisement banner. Page view, this is when a consumer load a page of what they are interested in. The higher the page view, the more online traffic. Advertiser can measure the expected income from the ads. Finally, page rank, this is a numerical weight of each element of a hyperlinked set of documents, when the page rank is high, that means there it has a strong network with other web pages, which attract more browsing. 2. What specific consumer behaviors determine whether or not the business model produces the results the advertiser wants? provides a professional and dependable brand for customers, they are faithful. business model is to targets customers is crisis. Another is the customers that click on the ads to find a better solution to their problems or tips (advertisement fee) and charge for CPM. Marvel provides general information and search functions for customers. Marvel uses other websites to provide more detail or specific information, when the customer clicks on it. The business model for is an alternative advertising model. they provide more depth information on a specific illness for consumers. The business model for is personal consulting and a centered audience 3. What is the best argument Heather Yates can make to justify charging Windham Pharmaceuticals for impressions instead of click-throughs? Does she have acceptable alternatives?

Heather argument is that users that visit her web site are more serious consumers....
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