Click It or Ticket.

Topics: Seat belt legislation, Crash test dummy, Seat belt Pages: 1 (435 words) Published: November 19, 2010
Lelen H Lemou
Click it or Ticket.
Mandatory seat belt laws are very important to have in every city and state. A seat belt save lives and saves and lowers insurance rates. Some people argue that it is too much government involvement but it is important because more people die and are injured from car accidents in this country. It is important for government to impose strict penalties for those who do not wear their seatbelt. In many cases some people do not wear seat belts because they are travelling not too far from home, but statistics show that more accidents occur when people are just driving blocks away from their houses.  More injuries and deaths have been recorded as a lack of wearing a seatbelt. Some survivals have occurred because of the seat belt. In an instance Fox 5 news reported of a car accident of a woman and a child were hit by a drunk driver, the collision was so bad and the child went through the windshield because the child had no seatbelt on. The woman was charged with negligence and had to pay fines and serve jail time because she did not strap her son up. At the end of the news report the general public was urged to wear their seatbelts because fines and even jail time is the penalty for not doing so. This woman was not only charged by law but also lost her only son. Seat belt laws decreases insurance rates for all because less money is spent on accidents. Some insurance companies even offer incentives for drivers her are not involved in car accidents as a reward for safe drivers. A safe driver wears a seatbelt at all times even when driving less than a mile away from the house it is still important because most accidents reported, are generally less than three miles from one’s resident. Some people argue that the seat belt laws are the government ways on imposing laws on the people. Seat belt penalties are important because it is the responsibility of the government to ensure the safety of the people as said in the constitution....
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