Click Film Review

Topics: Remote control, Universal remote, Comedy Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: October 9, 2011
Click film review
What if you had a universal remote control that remote controlled your universe?

Click follows the story of Michael Newman (Adam Sandler), an architect whose long hours and unkind boss (David Hasslehoff) have driven him to a near breakdown. Whist watching TV, he longs for a universal remote to control everything and he finds exactly that in department store ‘bed, bath and beyond’. He soon realises that ‘everything’ is not as it seems as he mutes a barking dog and pauses his wife in mid sentence. When Michael realises can do anything he wants, he fast-forwards an entire argument with his wife and skips a scene to his all-important promotion. But the remote soon becomes damaged by all this fast-forwarding and starts to skip Michael through his life.

However I longed for a similar remote to skip to the end of the film! The truth is click can’t decide whether it’s a sentimental tale or a string of hilarious gags. The film certainly is sentimental, but most of the jokes aren’t very funny. For example when a female jogger runs by and Michael uses slow-mo. Or the time when Michael pauses his boss to fart in his face. The film tends to drag on and can get quite boring at times. However, if you look beyond the bad jokes you will find some decent comedy but unfortunately bad jokes are the majority. Comedy aside though, Click will have you in tears. I can’t reveal any more about the plot but I can tell you jokes or no jokes, you will be crying by the end. The film carries a very important message: family comes first. I feel there was no clear line between comedy and sentimentality and for this reason I did not enjoy the film and would rate it 6/10.

Sam Marroncelli 7EY
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