Cleopatra Vii

Topics: Cleopatra VII, Ptolemaic dynasty, Mark Antony Pages: 3 (1247 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Isabella Reber, 10/14/12, p.6
"I will not be triumphed over.” – Cleopatra VII
Born in the year 69 B.C.E, she belonged to a family that ruled Egypt 100 years prior to her even being born. She was raised and born in Alexandria to her father, King Ptolemy XII. Little is known about Cleopatra's mother, but some speculation presumes she may have been her father's sister, Cleopatra V Tryphaena. She was trained in science, literature, philosophy, and had access to much Greek Theater. She had the best of Hellenistic education and was being groomed to be the next pharaoh of Egypt. Unlike her other brothers and sisters, she took an unusual interest in Egyptian culture. She learned Egyptian and added it to the other eight languages she already knew. From her servants she mastered the fine art of social grace and beauty Egyptian women were known for. She respected and studied ancient Egyptian religions and culture. These qualities gained would later earn her the loyalty of her future subjects. In one papyrus dated 35 B.C. Cleopatra is called Philopatris, "she who loves her country." By showing that she is a truly Egyptian pharaoh, Cleopatra used patriotism to assure her position as Queen.

In 49 B.C.E she and her brother Pharaoh Ptolemy, also her husband, who were to rule together as decreed by their father’s will. After Cleopatra had attempted to become the sole ruler of Egypt, her brother caste her out of Alexandria. The queen, then in her early twenties, fled to Syria and returned with a mercenary army, were they set up camp on the outskirts of Alexandria. During the summer of 48 B.C.E Julius Caesar came to Alexandria to attempt to make peace between the brother and sister. The reason for him going out of his way to help them was that it was in Rome’s best economic interest that their ally Egypt preserves the peace. Ptolemy XII still refused for his sister Cleopatra to return to Alexandria, so she decided to sneak back in to get a private session with...
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