Cleopatra and Reputation

Topics: Smithsonian Institution, Ancient Rome, Stacy Schiff Pages: 12 (4224 words) Published: March 22, 2011
Task 1 Evaluating Five Resources
Select five resources for evaluation from your list of ten in Assignment 2. Please include full citations in correct APA style for these five resources. Resource 1: Cleopatra The Great, by Joann Fletcher

Fletcher, J. (2009). Cleopatra the great. London, England: Hodder & Stoughton. (Original work published 2008) EVALUATION
The relevance of this resource to the topic question was obtained by assessing the accuracy, authority and coverage criteria (The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand, n.d., p.1). The book, Cleopatra The Great by Joann Fletcher, 2009, is a detailed, contemporary analysis of historical information about the complex life of Cleopatra, her image today and how it was created by Roman propaganda. ACCURACY: The quality of research used to build the foundation of an essay is dependent on the accuracy of material (Section3.3, 2010, p.1). However, the accuracy of historical events has been at the mercy of interpretation by the author and the era in which it is written due to society’s limitations on social and political views at the time. Armed with previously overlooked historical detail and contemporary research, as cited in the bibliography, the author is able to offer an updated analysis of the legend of Cleopatra. I recognised Dr Fletcher’s discovery of previously neglected detail as being worthy evidence of how the creation of myths and the power of propaganda are used to create a reputation. AUTHORITY: The authority of a history book is dependent on the credibility of the author which seems to be governed by their education, affiliations with universities and research groups (Section 3.3, 2010, p.3). Before choosing the text, I reviewed the credentials and the authority of the author which were noted on the first page of the book. Dr Joann Fletcher is recognised as an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of York, where she is a professor of Egyptian archaeology and part of a Mummy Research Group. Also, she is noted, within the book, as a contributor to the BBC’s History website, a reputable resource, Dr Fletcher’s insight into Egyptian history sees her as a specialist in her field and thus, a dependable source.

COVERAGE: The author has written a biography that imparts extensive detail on the mysterious life of Cleopatra, the era in which she lived and the eras which surpassed her. Coverage goes beyond the chronological detail and reveals Dr Fletcher’s in-depth and individual interpretation on the previously overlooked details and initiates an objective way to view the new material (Section 3.3, 2010, p.7). In possessing a specific interest in the legend of Cleopatra and the effects of propaganda on historical figures, academic as well as general readers would be the intended audience. However, because the book covers a broad time span and comprehensive detail, it seems the reader may decide to scan the index and view only topics which are relevant to their needs. ISSUES ARISING: To humanise a historical figure like Cleopatra is to reveal, through the eyes of the author, what appears to be Cleopatra’s possible actions, supposed thoughts and anticipated movements. When constructing a document based on research and academic knowledge, a social and ethical awareness needs to be present to uphold ’the integrity of learning and scholarship’ (Macquarie University, 1994). In creating my assignment paper, regarding a topic that many classical historians have extensively and passionately researched, I have an ethical obligation to respect their findings as well as the trust place by The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand by following APA referencing rules and cite the sources utilised within the assignment paper (Haisman, 2009, p.44). CONCLUSION: The process of evaluating the book, Cleopatra The Great, as a relevant resource started by comprehending the basics of accuracy, authority, objectivity and coverage as well as the intended audience. With each step the...
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