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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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Assignment: TMA0 2
Part 1: New version of
The passage contains material that may lead us to believe, through the eyes of her assistant, referred to as her ‘flatters’, Cleopatra was weak and besotted by Antony, when in fact her assistants used mind games derived by Cleopatra herself to manipulate Antony and to turn him away from what was his life as a great Emperor and husband to Octavia.

Plutarch suggests that Cleopatra is a very manipulative person who uses anyone to climb the political ladder and as an Egyptian female, Cleopatra knew that she would not receive any recognition as a leader. To gain any recognition she would have to use emotional blackmail as well as the use of her sexuality on those more powerful. Not only did the Romans dislike her for the power she held over Antony, but as an Egyptian, she was disliked for her race and cultural regime. They believed that Cleopatra had bewitched Antony or cursed him in some way that he was left blind to what was really going on in around him ‘he is either blind to reason or mad’ (Augustus, cited in Fear, 2008 p. 27) To conclude I have to agree that Cleopatra was a very manipulative individual, a true business woman that would use any means to gain power, control and recognition. She was feared by her assistants and was mysterious to the Romans. Her relationships were fabricated to reflect her goals. She stopped at nothing and knew that she had to gain support from those who were more powerful then her. By doing this, Cleopatra knew that her goals were achievable. Cleopatra was very much in control of Antony and knew she held this power. ‘being called upon to cavort in some ridiculous dance /Antony would have no rival/ these are specialities in which he has trained’ (Augustus, citied Fear, 2008 p.27)
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