Cleaveland Art Museum

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A Day at the Museum
In the contemporary Art section of the Cleveland art museum we stopped in looked at an open book exhibit where different portfolios of pictures, words, and artist thoughts and ideas were on display for everyone to see. This was one of the more interesting pieces in the museum because you could interact with each artist on a more personal level. Most art displays you are not allowed to touch and u must admire from a distance and some you are4 not allowed to take pictures of. However this display had a wide variety of images bound in to book form. What I found interesting was that the pictures were fairly simple, such as a book of pictures entitled 26 gas cans. This book had pictures of gas cans in it from the yard, shed, back of a truck, wherever the gas can was one could see that it was fairly simple to take pictures of a gas can from different angles and places and call it art. The message I got from this exhibit was that anything can be art. Anyone can be an artist. Who knew balloons could be art? Another exhibit I enjoyed I room full of balloons almost to the ceiling. This exhibit you could actually walk into and experience what’s its like to be engulfed inside 2,500 balloons. I can tell for some this might be a scary feeling because u feels as if you have no sense of direction, you could get claustrophobic easily and you might even feel like you are drowning. I think the artist was trying to convey a lot of different messages in this exhibit. One message might have been what is there to be afraid of you might feel boxed in and lost even smothered but they are just balloons so use mind over matter and enjoy yourself instead of feeling fear. Another message could have been there are a lot of things you will encounter in life that will make you feel as if you are being overwhelmed but if you keep your cool and search for your exit then you will realize life isn’t as bad as it seems. Whatever the real message was the artist was trying to...
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