Clear Men

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Nguyen Anh Thu
* S3325098 - Nguyen Pham Bao Ngoc
* S3344106 - Truong Hoang Nhan
* S3343876 - Huynh Dang ThuyNhu
* S3358094 - Dao ThanhNhu
* S3357772 - Pham ThuyNy

Table of contents

A. Executive summary2

B. Introduction3

C. Situation analysis4
I. Micro-environment4
II. Macro-environment7

D. Swot analysis10
Swot matrix11

E. Product objectives12

F. Segmentation, targeting and positioning14
I. Segmentation14
II. Targeting14
III. Positioning15

G. Marketing mix strategies18
I. Product18
II. Price20
III. Place23
IV. Promotion23
1. Advertising23
2. Sales promotion27
3. Direct marketing27
4. Personal selling28
5. Public relation28

H. Action program30

I. Control program31

J. Appendixes32

K. Reference list33

A. Executive summary
Awarding that cosmetic for men is very potential market in Viet Nam, which is developing in all areas, especially economics and living standard, Unilever has introduced Clear Men in March 2007. With the strong investment into promotion from Unilever and high quality and affordable price, Clear Men has become a direct competitor of X- Men which existed before and is a very strong status about cosmetic for men in Vietnam. However, the life cycle of Clear Men now is just in the first half of maturity, so it is necessary to have more strategies in all Price, Product, Distribution and promotion in order to achieve higher sales and stronger position in an attractive but competitive market. This report consists:

1. Introduction: general information about Unilever and Clear Men 2. Current Situation Analysis: Analysis all factors in both Microenvironment and Macro environment 3. SWOT Analysis: Identifies Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of Clear Men. Based on them, providing SO, WO, ST and WT strategies. 4. Objectives: set corporation, marketing and financial objectives. 5. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning: Analyze the market in order to choose the most potential and profitable segmentation and finally positions Clear Men in the targeted segmentation. 6. Marketing Mix Strategies: using the 4P to improve and develop Clear Men as well as the awareness and sale of Clear Men( Product, Price, Place and Promotion) 7. Action Program: Schedule and details of marketing mix strategies. 8. Control Program: Describes how the plan is executed.

Unilever was established on 1st January 1930 combining of Margarine Unie (Netherlands) and Lever Brother (UK). Nowadays, Unilever has more than 400 brands which are using in more than 180 countries. It started operation in Vietnam is 1995 and invested more than 280 millions USD in Vietnam. There are many number one home and personal care brands in Vietnam such as Clear, Omo, Sunsilk, Lifeboy... * CLEAR MEN:

Clear is a successful brand of Unilever and their products are using worldwide. It is famous for eliminating dandruff for users. In the early stage, Clear just provided products for both Men and Women. However, the increasing in human needs of taking care of beauty, Clear also created products only for men.

Figure 1. Microenvironment Factors
1. The company:
* Chair man of Unilever Vietnam: J.V Raman
* CEO of Unilever : Marijn Van Tiggelen
* In Unilever, there are all necessary departments such as marketing, finance, accounting, production, R&D, Material supply, These departments works effectively and closely to have the best result. * Every three months, employees reports their works to their director and provide suggestions to improve company, there are rewards for efficient ideas. 2. Suppliers:

* One important advantage of finding domestic suppliers...
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