Cleanliness and Sense of Beauty

Topics: Human, Religion, Thought Pages: 2 (404 words) Published: May 13, 2013

Introduction: Human being is the best amongst all the living being in this world. They live in a society, where they don’t only just live for food and shelter. They have to survive sustaining with various conditions, environments, people, customs, cultures etc. So in this society of mankind, human has a lot of responsibility as well as maintenance duty. Discipline makes a human being to do all such activities mentioned above and to lead a life with dignity in the society. And cleanliness is a part of discipline of human life. Sense of beauty is the thing that helps us to justify good and bad aspects of life.

Cleanliness: Cleanliness means the sense of remaining clean, neat and tidy. This particular sense is very significant in a man’s life. Because by cleanliness, the nature and type of a person is judged in our society. For an individual, to take proper bath, to wash his/her teeth, to wash his/her clothes regularly and to keep them neat and clean etc are the basic measures of cleanliness. For a family, the duties are like to keep the house clean, to keep everything in a well decorated manner, not to litter anything on the floor, keeping the walls clean, not making the bathroom wet and dirty etc. And the people of a particular area or society, to keep the roads clean, not to throw garbage here and there, not to litter anything on the roads, to use dustbin to throw wastages etc are the sole duties of cleanliness.

Sense of Beauty: Sense of beauty is a term that means having a very good taste about everything. This indicates how he/she looks at different things of art, and various things. This sense of beauty is very important too, as this sense justifies between various things and helps us to indicate the quality and beauty amongst things. Sense of beauty also enables us to learn the good and bad, pretty and ugly. From the very childhood parents try to teach this particular...
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