Clean Water Act of 1977

Topics: President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, United States Environmental Protection Agency Pages: 4 (1405 words) Published: February 1, 2012
Policymaking Paper: Clean Water Act of 1977
Throughout the many years of existence of the United States national government, there have been numerous bills, policies, etc that have gone through the legislative process in Congress. Some of them were lucky or important enough to pass, however others were not so fortunate. Now one bill in particular that is of significance in the United States and that was fortunate enough to pass was The Clean Water Act of 1977. Such a bill that results in an essential part or our everyday lives today is clean and uncontaminated water. The beaches we go and swim in, the lakes we go fishing in, the sewage cleanup and the drinking water we intake is all due in part to this Clean Water Act. It is because of these common everyday uses in our nation today, that I am going to discuss how it became a law. The Clean Water Act of 1977 is actually an amendment to a previous law passed just five years before, which was the Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1972. The Federal Water Pollution Control Act essentially served as the fundamental structure for the regulation of releasing pollutants into waters inside the United States. In addition to keeping people/businesses from discharging pollutants in the water, it granted the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) some authority to standardize guidelines for secondary water treatment. Now, unlike other bills seeking to get passed, there was not a specific incident or case that led to the 1977 amendment. Instead, it seemed that the public agenda was set on continuing the ongoing process and advancement of cleaner water for the public and lessening the amount of toxins discharged within the water. However, the president of the United States at that time, Jimmy Carter, did incorporate the importance of global oil pollution as being a noteworthy factor into endorsing this amendment. Similar to the Federal Water Pollution Act, the Clean Water Act of 1977 was a continuation of a cleaner water...
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