Clean Edge

Topics: Hair removal, Shaving, Depilation Pages: 2 (383 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Requirement 1: Provide a Highlighted SWOT for this situation.

Business Analysis

1)Paramount focuses on extensive clinical testing. A consumer research indicated that Clean Edge achieved a 25% increase in hair removal compared to other leading nondisposable razor brands.

2)Paramount is a respected brand in the industry.

3)Paramount created a special nondisposable razor project team. The team focuses on developing a technological breakthrough and providing the company with a standout new product in the category.

4)Paramount has the possibility to spend $19 million in advertising.

5)In 2009, Paramount was a global consumer products giant with $13 billion in worldwide sales. The company also experienced gross profits of $7 billion in 2009.

1)Paramount has no other major innovations in its research projects.

2)Neither Pro nor Avail had introduced significant technology innovations in the last five years.

3)There is a possible conflict of interest. The newly hired corporate marketing director thought that Paramount Pro’s respected product manager was too concerned with protecting his turf and that he is not behaving in the company’s best interest.

4)Steering committee was looking to control excessive marketing expenses in all product categories.

5)Paramount does not hold a position in the super-premium segment of the mainstream market. This segment represents 37.2% of the total nondisposable razor market.

Market Analysis

1)The replacement cycle is shortened due to consumers trying out new products.

2)The super-premium segment is experiencing growth.

3)Distribution outlets are increasing shelf space for nondisposable stock-keeping units (SKU).

4)Men’s grooming routines moved well beyond a splash of aftershave.

5)Studies demonstrate that consumers are becoming more sophisticated and are expecting more advanced technology. 1)There are many...
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