Clean Drinking Water

Topics: Water, Drinking water, Water supply network Pages: 5 (1453 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Name: Mary Humber
Specific-purpose: To persuade the audience
Central Idea: Drinking water shows many benefits when clean, dangers when polluted, and procedures to go through to maintain water clarity. Introduction
I. How many of you have come in contact with water today?
II. More than likely we have all seen water already, and throughout the day each of us will use around 80-100 gallons of water total. III. Knowing the impact that water has on our daily lives, research has allowed me to see that clean drinking water is a valuable staple in our health and ways of living. IV. Drinking water shows many benefits when it is purified, dangers when it is contaminated, and procedures in keeping our water supply clean. Body

(We will start by looking at the benefits of drinking clean water.) I. Water influences each day of our lives, and research has proved that drinking clean water has many advantages. A. For starters, pure water allows required nutrients to enter our bodies. 1. The Aqua Safe Water Filtration Company states that drinking “Clean water transports the nutrients in food to all of the body’s cells.” 2. When we eat fruits and vegetables, we should drink pure water afterwards. a. Doing so will carry the vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes from the food to our intestines to be absorbed. 3. Drinking water alone also contains a few nutrients.

a. This is why it is best to remove pollutants from the water we drink. B. Also, unpolluted water allows toxins to be removed from the body. 1. Toxins that stay in the body for long periods of time can cause damage to the liver and kidneys. a. This is why the Livestrong Companyrecommends drinking plenty of clean drinking water daily to boost and strengthen these organs. 2. Water frees our cells of impurities.

a. Dr. Robert W. Flinchbaught from “Pure Water is Life”says that clean water free of pollutants helps remove pollutants from the cells of our body, purifying the body to function as it should. 3. Drinking water free of impurities allows our body to become less prone to sickness due to the toxins being eliminated. C. Lastly, Water is a natural healing agent.

1. Research is being done to prove that simply drinking water can cure certain illnesses. a. Dr. Batmaghelidj, author of “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” stands as one of the major supporters of this study. 2. He studies and does research on UCD or Unintentional Chronic Dehydration. a. In other words, we unknowingly do not drink a lot of water causing pain, fatigue, and other symptoms we feel should be healed by medicine. 3. An example of UCD is migraines/ headaches.

a. The brain (control center of body) is made up of 76% water. If we have a headache, water is absent, causing the brain’s initial response of producing histamines which can cause pain or fatigue. (After looking at the benefits of clean drinking water, let’s look at some dangers of pollutants in water.) II. Much research has been done to open our eyes to the dangers of contaminated drinking water. A. First, water is polluted by a few common sources.

1. Practices in Agriculture spread contaminants to ground water and surface water supplies. a. Dr. Mary Booth with the Environmental Working Group researched that yearly floods of wasted fertilizers from heavily farmed land run into our water supply. b. This results in 70% of nitrate pollution to our water, as well as pesticide pollution. 2. Urban run-off has become a serious contamination issue.

a. Rain washes oil, grease, metal, bacteria, and even sewage into our water ways. b. In fact, the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency stated that more than 270 million Americans are receiving water from public water systems and 20% of those systems are at high risk of sewage contamination. 3. Landfills and Garbage Dumps threaten our water supplies as well. a. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says 0.1% - 0.4% of our usable source of surface aquifers are being contaminated by landfills....
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