Clean Coal

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  • Published : November 5, 2008
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In the past decade global warming, and the potential dangers that goes with it has been a topic, which needs to be fixed. Clean coal technologies (CCN) are methods that will lead to mankind taking a huge step in the right direction. First, the basic definition of CCT is the process of cleaning coal, so when it is used it will not damage the atmosphere. Second, after the coal is purified, there are two ways of containing the poisons. Finally, when CCT is perfected, how can leading companies implement their ideas to foreign nations, so the world will benefit as a whole. In conclusion, the environment is in trouble, and clean coal use is an alternative, which will get our global community on the right track for generations to come.

According to the World Nuclear Association coal is responsible for 23% of primary energy needs, 39% of electricity, and 70% is used for steel production. Furthermore, there is expected to be a 43% increase in fuel use from 2000-2020. Therefore, without the use of clean coal the world produces 9 billion tones of carbon dioxide, which is released into our atmosphere resulting in increase levels of global warming. Due to these alarming figures, companies like Clean Coal Technologies Inc(CCTI). have developed ways to clean coal so it can be used as an energy source. For example, through treatment CCTI removes 90% of containments prior to the coal being used. Furthermore, the majority of these removed contaminates can be reused as products such as roofing tar, chemical building blocks, and light hydrocarbons which can be used for fuel( The remaining contaminates, mainly Carbon Dioxide is stored in two different ways, which also ignites some controversy.

The first method of Carbon storage is called Geological. Geological storage occurs when CO2 is injected deep into the earth, often into empty gas or oil fields. Here saline aquifers safely contain the CO2, while coal that can’t be mined absorbs it. This process takes hundred...
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