Clean and Green Nation

Topics: Hazardous waste, Waste, Pollution Pages: 3 (731 words) Published: November 28, 2011
boating Clean and Green
[pic]It’s safe to say that most of the States in the union have some form of water — rivers, waterfalls, mountain springs, oceans and lakes — and on those bodies of water, you bet you’re gonna’ find people. Whether they’re in jet skis or boats, fishing or sporting or surfing or just plain swimming, wherever there’s people, there tends to be waste, pollution and the chance for damage to be done to the environment. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. When it comes to boating and bringing craft onto the nation’s waters, there are ways to ensure that our lakes and oceans stay clean and environmentally maintained. It just takes a bit of extra care when it comes to fuel, oil, trash and general maintenance. With states like California boasting one of the highest levels of recreational boating activity in the country, you can easily see why it is so important to spend a bit of extra attention on this matter. A few years ago, California had nearly a million actively registered boats — every single one of them capable of contributing either positively or negatively to the overall health of the state’s waters. And similar concerns are relevant for many other states as well. Here are some easy tips to adopt when boating, in order to maintain a higher green profile and to save and preserve the nation’s beautiful bodies of water. Tips for Boating Clean and Green

1. Prevent oily discharge from the bilge.
Keep your engine tuned up regularly in order to prevent fuel and oil leaks. It’s as simple as placing a special oil absorbent pad under the boat’s engine where drips often happen, and in your bilge. Monitor these pads carefully and consistently, and when they are filthy, make sure to dispose of them as hazardous waste at the marina or any Household Hazardous Waste Facility nearby where you boat. 2. Spill-proof your oil changes.

For oil changes, use an oil change pump to transfer oil to a spill proof container. Wrap a plastic bag or absorbent pad...
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