Clean and Green City

Topics: Nose, Raman scattering, Betel Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: February 5, 2013
man wellin hisstudies. When holy the Raman Raman quite and did Theholy mantaught were When Raman notknowhowto did completed. wassatisfied him,hetoldhimthathisstudies with Goddess in Kali. milliontimesthetemple, frontoftheGoddess Hesaidthatthe in recite mantra, a three his willguide in choosing occupation. him TheMantrai in bathed theriver in to the Ashismaster told,hewentto thetemple recite mantra, had He with of everything thechanting themantra, brought him from theearly morning prepared and jasmine a lumpof and a of smelling betel leaves, joss nuts, sticks,string sweetbananas, coconut, so withintense concentration,concentratedhard He to the fragrant camphor, started recite mantra He He the of was that and thathedidnotnotice it wasnight thetemple locked. onlynoticed appearance Kali thegoddess in herglory.

Vikatakavir Raman completely inferior heads made Tenalitt Kali Theappearancegoddess withherthousand of This he out he at Suddenly burst 'aughing him instead stared herin awe. , butthisdidnotmake afraid, Tenalitt Raman herthat told for and the made goddess the furious shedemanded reason hisoutburst what be and he when theyhada cold when imagined would the with nose suffered humans a single when hada cold, she two hands manage rot noses only and who condition thegoddess hadthousand of him felt and himselfThegoddess insulted cursed witha iobof a vikatakavi.Eut . hecould control not jn isa by that a was and Tenalitt Ranan delighted found jokeeven a curse saying vi'ka-ta-ka-vi him of palindrome. goddess impress€d hissense humour made thecourt of and was by The iester a krn8, Concl!sion: jester jester the king Vijayanagar'becamecourt a of He e to in becamecourt Tenalitt Raman, thisway, happily his in ways. earned living thiswayandlived He the in andamused king different

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