Clean and Clear Campaign Overview

Topics: Adolescence, A Great Way to Care, Advertising Pages: 3 (1262 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Clean and clear campaign overview
The advertisement campaign that I am choosing is the skincare line Clean and Clear. Johnson and Johnson decided to develop a series of sub-brands under the Johnson name each targeted at different life stages. In 1991 they launched the Clean and Clear line of skincare products. These products were targeted towrd the female teenage market. The vision was to make Clean & Clear 'The global leader in female teen skincare.” They always use teeange girls in their commercials talikng to each other and about their skin. They give off a very fun and carefree vibe in these advertisments that is more relatable to teens. The brands well known slogan is “ clean and clear and under control” which is very upbeat saying that will hopefully make a stamp in the consumers mind. Other brands such as loreal and olay promote ani aging, their commercials are more serious and have older women in them. These campagns try to show teenage girls, who are just getting into skincare what it is like to have clear glowing skin. The commericals show the girls first complaining about an skin issue such as a blemish and then using the product to correct it. This is showing the consumer that this product can help them achieve beautiful skin and be like the girls in the commercials. I think that they do a good job of showing how and why the product used, because most teenagers do not know much about skincare and are just getting into it, these commercials are simple and fun so they catch the attention of the teen girls. I have not seen many ethical issues with these advertisments. Although some people who nitpick might read into how the girls in the commercials always fresh faced teenagers and might call it superficial. I believe that skincare is overall about personal hygiene and these advertisments are trying to pave the path for teen girls and show them how to take care of themselves. The internet is used to promote clean and clear in many different ways....
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