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Topics: 21st century, Future, Good and evil Pages: 3 (465 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Alyssa Onato
IV St. Dominica

Amidst the Twilight
(Catholic Social Issues of the 21st Century)

It was all dark until God gave light,
Showering all the brightness He could give.
He entrusted this vivid world to our hands
Though we violate it with all our wants.

Across all nations, we should come together
To fulfill our responsibilities,
For we are called not as individuals
But as a society that unites for Him.

Numerous battles have been occurred
In finding who’s the greatest.
Yet, we still seek to find the others’ downfalls
To dominate the conceitedness amongst us.

But, what if we stop seeking for our own power
And help the others to reach their dreams?
Through this, a new life will seep amidst the darkness
That will soon burst into an exceptional future.

Isn’t it now that we stop fighting
That we start uniting to learn from mistakes?
Isn’t it today that we start walking as one,
As a community to coalesce ‘til the end?

This generation we should fix
To the future we are heading
Are the inspirations to our actions
Thus eliminating the evilness and instilling the goodness

In searching for this future,
We arrive in several destinations that give us answers.
But it is still the Church where we learned the values;
To love, to have faith and to give hope.

It has been the only place
Where we could build our own selves
Therefore, giving us a radical meaning
That enlightens our path towards Him.

Motivations have all been said and done
But the love, faith and hope still lingers.
Disasters keep on coming due to this,
Yet we still question things to God.

May this be a reminder to us
That these are the things that bind us
Making us together, all as one
To be stronger in prevailing His mission.


Title:I have entitled my poem as “Amidst the Twilight” because I want to show that although we could only see that darkness to what is happening nowadays, there is still the hope that the Church...
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