Clays Quilt

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  • Published : October 17, 2011
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People are always going to ask the question “What if?” “What if I didn’t go that way?” or “What if I never met this person?” Well, maybe we should all ask the question, “What if Clay Sizemore’s mother never was killed?”There are many important events in Clay’s Quilt that help give us an outlook on Clay Sizemore’s life. If Clay’s mother hadn’t passed away then he probably never would have lived with his Aunt Easter and Uncle Paul. This also means he wouldn’t have met all the townspeople and neighbors around him. Living with his aunt and uncle is a major factor to the whole plot. Since his Aunt Easter practically raised Clay and turned him into the man he was, she is the mother figure. His aunt provides him with love, shelter and all the necessities he needs in his life. Easter is the one is greatly affected when Clay decides to be independent and move out on his own. She feels like Clay has abandoned her and she feels like she isn’t needed anymore. Clay’s uncle Paul is a major character because he is the one who is teaching Clay to put the quilt together. Paul would have to be the father figure to Clay since his mother left his real father, who he later finds out is dead. Paul tries to help guide Clay to all the right directions in his life. Last, but not least the townspeople are also very important to Clay. They are important in the story because they are helpful in providing Clay with all facts he needs to know about his life. All of the neighbors in Clay’s neighborhood tell him the stories about his mother and the details he needed to feel in the blanks about his parents. All of these people bring me back to my question. If his mother had never died, then Clay would have never been influenced by these great people in his life. He would have never known how great of a mother his aunt could be. Clay also wouldn’t be able to make quilts which he learns to be a very valuable skill he has learned.
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