Topics: Anxiety, Fear, Panic attack Pages: 4 (1098 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Claustrophobia means ‘fear of suffocation or restriction’. It is typically classified as an anxiety disorder (mind well, it’s not a disease) and often results in panic attack (fast heartbeats n breathing, frightened, going crazy n many more are its symptoms—refer Wikipedia for more). Claustrophobia is designated as a situational phobia, because it is triggered by a certain situation. People suffering from this are called Claustrophobics!

Fear of restriction:- Feeling (rather fear) of being confined to a single place- as in small rooms, locked rooms, cars, tunnels, cellars, elevators, subway trains, crowded places, caves, etc. They feel they might get stuck into it n wont be able to come out. Additionally, the fear of restriction can cause some claustrophobics to fear trivial matters such as sitting in a barber’s chair or waiting in line at a grocery store simply out of a fear of confinement to a single space. Fear of suffocation:- Feeling they get when they r confined (real or imaginary). Even without going to anyplace like that, just the thought of it can also create panic n result in suffocation. They believe they will die with the lack of air! The major difference between the two is, in d former they believe they would never be able to move out of place and hence start making efforts to escape or arrange an emergency escape (like, they will seek a place near the door during parties) in the latter the main fear is about dying by the absence of air. Scientifically, they are two different modes of claustrophobia, but some patients (dats my belief) generally experience both (like in my case, but I feel I’m confined and then eventually start suffocating). General behavior:

It's a constant search for escape routes...
* On entering a room, hallway, lift (elevator), etc. you first scan for the escape routes and will usually position yourself as near to this as possible. * Air travel becomes difficult or impossible - you dread that...
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