Claude Monet

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  • Published : May 4, 2009
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Claude Monet was born on November 14th 1840 in Paris, France. Monet is known as the founder of French Impressionism. Claude Monet’s most famous piece was arguably the Impression: Sunrise, which is responsible for the creation of the style of impressionism. He is one of the most important artists in history and his contributions to art are still being seen even until today.

Monet’s piece The Japanese Bridge is a very different style of impressionism. If you compare it to the other paintings that he did you will see the style and brush strokes are completely different. The reasoning behind what you see I believe has a lot of to do with the eye problems that Monet developed later in life. This would have affected his vision considerably and also require him to paint in a manner that he had not performed before. I personally really like this painting. I think that although it is somewhat harsh to look at first. You start to gain a sense of appreciation for the piece after time. The balance the painting creates is the strongest point and the disbursement of colors evenly throughout make it very special. I also like the choice of such warm colors that Monet chose. The reds and yellows are my favorite because of how well they flow together. The actual painting of the bridge is incredible because the bridge itself consists of many different brushstrokes of contrasting colors. Somehow, Monet pulled it off and it works.

In closing, the two biggest things in the painting to me are the balance and the way the colors fuse together to create such an overwhelming piece of artwork. I can tell that he invested a great amount of time and detail into every single brushstroke. This is definitely an outstanding accomplishment of art and a great example of impressionism in the 19th Century.
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