Classroom Observation

Topics: Observation, Developmental psychology, Learning Pages: 2 (805 words) Published: October 16, 2012
I had the pleasure of observing a classroom containing kindergarteners through second graders. In these classes I observed two students. One male one female. They had a variety of different traits and displayed skills to provide information of their development. Each of these children was at different stage of their development. I also visited a special needs classroom. They had a variety of traits that showed their development as well. They differ from the other students I observed. Average school aged children gain the ability to cut straight lines and cut out shapes with scissors. They usually have a noticeable preference for the right or left hand. They are able to participate more in self care by brushing their own teeth and, for the most part, dressing and undressing them selves. Most school aged children can run, jump and ride a bicycle or tricycle. Their sense of balance is increasing, and they're able to stand on one foot for at least 5 seconds or longer. School aged are learning how to skip and becoming better at climbing. Playing with a ball may become more fun as children develop the abilities to catch and throw more accurately during this year. They can walk and run properly. Most of the children can draw and hold colors properly. Most notable thing, they can easily ride bike, jump and climb sometimes.  The first child I chose was the kindergartener. The male student, let’s call him Billy, displayed his physical development by preforming various tasks for his teacher. He was able to cut in straight lines and color in the lines of his coloring book. Billy was able to display his cognitive learning skills by being able to complete the memory game his teacher had the class play. He was able to remember where the pictures his classmates flipped over were and match them. He did not demonstrate much of a social development. He was shy and was not going up to other students and talking to them. He was staying quiet and sitting in his chair and playing...
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