Classroom Manners

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Classroom manners
After the Industrial revolution people started gathering and exploring new knowledge so that they can make their life more comfortable. Schools and Universities were build for the purpose of teaching and classroom manners are the first set of rules that we will learn when we enter to the World of knowledge. Classroom manners should be strictly followed by the students in order to keep a good learning environment in the classroom. Being punctual and being consistent in attendance is a good classroom manner. A student who is always late to the class will be noticed by other students and it will be a problem to the teacher to concentrate on the lesson. This student will not get necessary part of the lesson and he will not understand the lesson completely. It is important to be in the class at the correct time and this will be a good classroom manner and a good practice for the future world that we are going to enter Being quiet in the class and not disturbing the teacher is another important classroom manner that a student must follow. This doesn’t mean that students shouldn’t interact with class activities and share their own point of view about lessons. Raising your hand before a question and paying attention makes a student a worth character and it makes him/her a good citizen in the society. Arguing with the teacher is not a good classroom manner to be followed by a student. We must argue about the matters up to a certain extent and come to a conclusion that both parties (teacher and student) can agree. Arguing is necessary function in the classroom environment so that teacher will know that students are following the lesson.

Therefore it is important to practice classroom manners in order to have a good learning environment. Without...
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