Classroom Management - Teacher Expectations

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  • Published : September 20, 2010
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I selected a 5th grade class for the purpose of this assignment to describe teacher expectations for students that positively influence their academic achievement. Students need a supportive classroom and environment if they are to be effective learners. They need to feel that they can make mistakes without fear of ridicule or derision from classmates or the teacher. The classroom standard that should be established relates to the rule “Respect Yourself and Others.” If this standard is put into practice, the classroom is going to be more encouraging and safe. The ultimate goal in motivating a student to communicate positively with classmate in a cooperative group setting is, of course, successful completion of the cooperative assignment which will influence their academic achievement in a positive manner. Completing work is an essential part of the student’s education and should be the classroom standard. Holding students accountable for the practice of an educational concept is basic to the learning process. Failing to ensure that every child completes the work sends the signal that either the work or the student is not important. Afterschool or recess time to complete unfinished work is a powerful, positive motivator for children to perk up their academic achievement. A significant by-product is that this accountability also provides practice in responsibility for the student.

Parental involvement in the classroom is one of the cornerstones of a successful educational experience for children. Students should understand from the very beginning of school that teachers will be in contact with parents often. Parents should be contacted at the first sign of trouble. And, conversely the parents should also receive positive calls to inform them of the things their children are doing that merit praise. Nothing motivates a child to improve their academic performance like a call home to parents.

Students should expect to receive timely feedback on...
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