Classroom Management Plan

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  • Published: April 14, 2013
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Classroom Management Plan
Lynn James
March 23, 2013
Pamela Udelhofen

Classroom Management Plan
Personal Philosophy
A classroom management plan is the road map for an effective teaching and learning environment. Classrooms are communities that only succeed when citizens work together, and take responsibility for their actions. It includes the physical environment, routines, student-teacher interactions, volunteers, expectations, rules, responsibilities, and consequences. • Student-teacher interaction – Teachers support students in academic and social learning by remaining calm and consistent in all circumstances. This includes teaching how to take responsibility for behavior, making good choices, and learning from mistakes. Students are more motivated when mutual respect exists (Jones & Jones, 2010). It is important for teachers to demonstrate interest in students. When students believe their teacher cares about them, they respect him or her. • Behavioral expectations – Clear expectations are important for student understanding and success. Discussion of expected behaviors and consequences assist in clarifying appropriate behaviors. Modeling, practicing, and role-playing teach students proper behaviors. Negative behaviors are treated as teachable moments to continually educate students. • Incentive program – Students who exhibit exemplary behavior receive class money toward the class store. Money is only given to students who exceed expected behaviors or achievements. Once a month, they have an opportunity to shop at the school store. • Desk arrangement – It is important for students to know each other, and to know about each other’s experiences, values, and perceptions. Desks arranged in groups foster student to student relationships and collaboration among students. Desks are rearranged throughout the year. • Teacher’s desk and other work areas – Close proximity to students enhances student-teacher...
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