Classroom Management Paper

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  • Published: September 5, 2011
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Classroom Management Plan
Jennifer Cutting
MTE 520 Maintaining an Effective Learning Climate
Professor Chantel White
April 25, 2011

Classroom Management Plan

I am in the process of creating my classroom management plan for my future classroom. Each day that I substitute teach, observe a classroom, or acquire new information from my classes, I learn something new that I may wish to incorporate into my classroom management plan. A well written management plan is a key to success in the classroom. The more I plan for my lessons and plan to run my class, the more of an effective learning climate I will have for my students. This paper includes my personal philosophy of classroom management, rules for student behavior, a task analysis, substitute teacher plans, classroom implementation plan, letter to parents explaining my classroom management plan, and my strategies I plan to use to assess my classroom management plan. Personal Philosophy of Classroom Management

The following is my personal philosophy of classroom management listed in bullet format.  
• My goal is to provide a productive, safe environment, which is conducive to learning. My students will be welcomed and feel a sense of belonging to the class community. Every student is just as important as the next. • I plan to help my students become quality students and help them develop the characteristic traits of responsibility, trustworthiness, caring, and respectful. • I hope to spark enthusiasm for learning by creating engaging lessons, reaching all types of learners. To achieve this, I plan to differentiate instruction, use multiple modalities, and technology. I also plan to have students work independently, in collaborative groups, and in pairs. • I hope to create a student-centered or constructivist style classroom where students are active participants in their learning, which allows students to make a deeper connection to curriculum. • To challenge my students, I...
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