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  • Published : September 5, 2011
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Classroom Management Plan
Jennifer Cutting
MTE 520 Maintaining an Effective Learning Climate
Professor Chantel White
April 25, 2011

Classroom Management Plan

I am in the process of creating my classroom management plan for my future classroom. Each day that I substitute teach, observe a classroom, or acquire new information from my classes, I learn something new that I may wish to incorporate into my classroom management plan. A well written management plan is a key to success in the classroom. The more I plan for my lessons and plan to run my class, the more of an effective learning climate I will have for my students. This paper includes my personal philosophy of classroom management, rules for student behavior, a task analysis, substitute teacher plans, classroom implementation plan, letter to parents explaining my classroom management plan, and my strategies I plan to use to assess my classroom management plan. Personal Philosophy of Classroom Management

The following is my personal philosophy of classroom management listed in bullet format.  
• My goal is to provide a productive, safe environment, which is conducive to learning. My students will be welcomed and feel a sense of belonging to the class community. Every student is just as important as the next. • I plan to help my students become quality students and help them develop the characteristic traits of responsibility, trustworthiness, caring, and respectful. • I hope to spark enthusiasm for learning by creating engaging lessons, reaching all types of learners. To achieve this, I plan to differentiate instruction, use multiple modalities, and technology. I also plan to have students work independently, in collaborative groups, and in pairs. • I hope to create a student-centered or constructivist style classroom where students are active participants in their learning, which allows students to make a deeper connection to curriculum. • To challenge my students, I plan to use effective questioning techniques, which will allow my students to use higher levels of thinking. • I will create a class climate where students can express themselves freely without judgment. • Create a cooperative classroom where the students and teacher work together. To do this, I will call my students” my teammates” and express to them the importance of teamwork. • It is my hope to encourage students to do their best and that it is to make a mistake. • I will use positive reinforcement and positive praise when I see my students doing something good. • I will model respecting everyone and accepting differences. I will ask that my students do the same. • To create a sense of power among my students, I will have students participate in the creation of the classroom rules. When students create the rules, they have a tendency to adhere to the rules. In addition, I will have students perform weekly classroom jobs. • I will be fair and consistent and I will establish guidelines for my students so they know what is to be of them in both learning and behavior. • To manage off-task behavior, I will use nonverbal and verbal cues, body language, and proximity. In some instances, I will move students to avoid further disruptions. Students who require extra assistance, will be strategically seated for easy access. • If a lesson or style of teaching works one-day and not the next, I will be flexible and change either my style of teaching or the lesson itself. Student Behavior – Positive and Negative Consequences

To minimize disruptions in the classroom, students need to know what is expected of them. I will not have rules listed in my classroom. Instead, my class will have the “quality student” and “quality teacher” posters displayed, listing what characteristics the students and teacher should display at all times. I will these characteristics often and engage in role playing activities at the beginning of the school...
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