Classroom Management

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Running head: Legal and Ethical Implications for Classroom Management

Legal and Ethical Implications for Classroom Management
Kimberly N. Hasty
Grand Canyon University
EDU 536
January 25, 2011

Legal and Ethical Implications for Classroom Management
In school’s today classroom management is a key component. If the teacher is not able to manage his/her classroom, the students miss out on learning opportunities. In addition, once control is lost it is usually difficult to regain that control. When teachers consider classroom management strategies they must keep in mind the legal and ethical implications. Teachers as well as students have rights and responsibilities in the classroom. In the following paragraphs, one can expect to find several articles dealing with classroom management and learn how it coincides with the rights and responsibilities of teachers, students, and parents.

The first article that stood out was Classroom Management: Parent Involvement Plan. In this article Yoon Ha Lee talks about how parents perceive classroom management techniques. It also has many great ideas for new teachers on how to get parents involved in the classroom management plan. By involving parents in the classroom it can enhance the learning environment for the students as well as bring a new approach to learning. The students spend majority of their time with the parents therefore, they can tremendously impact their behavior which relates to classroom management (Lee, 2002).

Teachers and students have rights and responsibilities in the classroom and so do the parents. Parents have the right to know how their child is performing and what they are having trouble with. As a future teacher, I feel that it is extremely important to keep parents informed. In addition, parents will be welcomed with open arms to volunteer in my classroom. I feel that different people can bring diversity to the classroom enhancing the learning experiences for the students involved. The more parents are involved the more they know about their child. Many parents do not like surprises unless they are positive ones. Lee mentions that many teachers like to call home to let the parents know how the child is doing. Many times parents associate phone calls with their child doing something wrong. However, Lee mentions that calls are great to inform parents of how good their child is doing. Sadly, many parents never received those calls because negative behaviors often receive more attention than positive ones (Lee, 2002).

The second source brings up several key points that are more of ethical and legal concerns in the classroom today. The article titled, Classroom Concerns: Legal and Ethical Implications of Internet Misuse. Nearly all schools have the advantage of allowing students to use computers for various assignments/lessons in the classroom. In fact, there are many great programs for students on the computer. The internet also has a wealth of information that is helpful to students, especially when conducting research for an assignment. Unfortunately the internet is not always used to enhance learning. “Too often the Internet is being misused or abused by students and teachers, with related legal and ethical implications” (Davidson & Saubert, 2004).

Plagiarism is an increasing problem with the frequency of Internet use in the classroom. Students are trying to take the easy way out and they tend to copy and paste from the document found, turning in someone else’s work instead of doing their own work. This in the long run is harming the students because they are not learning anything by copying others work. As you can see, while the Internet can be a valuable tool it can turn into an ethical and legal nightmare. As a future educator, I feel that students who plagiarize in school should be given a zero and made to re-do their work. The students need to learn that it is their responsibility to do their own...
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