Classroom Management

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The most important thing that any teacher can do is to have GREAT classroom management, because once this is in place, everything else falls into place.
My school has in place many rules which govern a student’s general behavior, dress and conduct; this is common in all schools. My classroom which is a part of the school as a whole has its own guidelines, rules and regulations, in addition to the governing rules of the school. My guidelines as I prefer to them, are to ensure that my lesson is taught with minimal disruption in the time frame allocated. My main ideology is teaching students to effectively manage their own time.

One of the most basic precepts of Classroom Management is the maintaining of an atmosphere which is conducive to learning and which promotes learning. The old people often say that “idol hands are the devil’s workshop”, this is extremely true in a classroom setting. To this end, in my classroom I have found that keeping students busy or actively engaged in a positive manner, it allows for my lesson to be taught in its entirety. My approach in general to teaching is that I feel that an effective teacher should be flexible and able to adapt to their “clients” and as such, their classroom management techniques should also be flexible.

In each of my classes I have similar guidelines which are based on a core of ideas: Self Respect; Respect for Others and Respect for Property. The root of all of these guidelines is RESPECT. As a holistic teacher, I am trying to “train up the child in the way that he should go”. With this in mind, I feel as though once a child has RESPECT for self, others and property, they will be more productive and make better citizens.

My students show respect for self, by the way they dress and conduct themselves and in their attitude towards their peers, myself and their work. They show respect for others, by allowing others to express themselves without interrupting and by not calling each other names or using...
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