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Topics: School, Education, Teacher Pages: 28 (9373 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Australian Journal of Teacher Education
Volume 36 | Issue 10 Article 3


Classroom behaviour management preparation in undergraduate primary teacher education in Australia : A web-based investigation. Sue C. O'Neill
Macquarie University Special Education Centre, Sydney,

Jennifer Stephenson
Macquarie University Special Education Centre, Sydney,

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O'Neill, Sue C. and Stephenson, Jennifer (2011) "Classroom behaviour management preparation in undergraduate primary teacher education in Australia : A web-based investigation.," Australian Journal of Teacher Education: Vol. 36: Iss. 10, Article 3. Available at:

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Australian Journal of Teacher Education

Teacher Classroom Behaviour Management Preparation in Undergraduate Primary Education in Australia: A Web-based Investigation Sue C. O’Neill Jennifer Stephensen Macquarie University Special Education Centre, Sydney

Abstract: Classroom behaviour management is an essential skill required by all teacher graduates to facilitate instruction in curriculum content. This article describes the classroom behaviour management (CBM) content on offer in Australian undergraduate primary education programs. To date, no nationwide studies exist that report the CBM instruction on offer in pre-service teacher education programs. Thirty-five primary teacher preparation programs were reviewed. Thirty programs (85.7%) contained mandatory course-work in CBM, 108 units contained relevant content, 33 of those were stand-alone CBM units (30.6%). More units were found with CBM content embedded within methods or inclusion units than stand-alone CBM units. The mean hours of CBM instruction per mandatory stand-alone unit was 31.46 hours, 25.5 for stand-alone electives, and 2.3 hours within embedded units. The content of CBM units is reported as well as the research interests of the unit convenors and instructors. Implications of the major findings are discussed.

Introduction The ability of a teacher to establish and maintain a productive learning environment through effective classroom management is viewed by experienced teachers, school administrators and the community alike as an essential skill (Stoughton, 2007). For the purpose of this article classroom and behaviour management (CBM) is defined as the decisive, proactive, preventative teacher behaviours that minimise student misbehaviour and promote student engagement, and, strategic, respectful, actions that eliminate or minimise disruption when it arises, to restore the learning environment (Brophy, 1988). The connection between effective teacher behaviours and student achievement is well established in research literature, with classroom management found to be an important variable in student achievement and engagement (Hattie, 2009; Marzano, Marzano, & Pickering, 2003; Wang, Haertel, & Walberg, 1993). It is acknowledged that for productive learning environments to exist, classroom management must be intertwined with effective instruction that is engaging and meaningful (Brophy, 1988; Gore & Parkes, 2007; Kounin, 1970). Beginning teachers and other stakeholders have expressed dissatisfaction with pre-service CBM preparation (Jones, 2006; Pigge & Marso, 1997). Researchers overseas and in Australia, using survey and interview methods, have reported that beginning and experienced teachers nominate managing student behaviour as a major cause of stress (Geving, 2007; Giallo & Little, 2003) and fear (Kaufman & Moss, 2010), and a reason for leaving the profession (Ingersoll & Smith, 2003; Goddard & Goddard, 2006; Goddard & O’Brien, 2003). When CBM content was

Vol 36, 10, October 2011


Australian Journal of Teacher Education included in their pre-service education, teachers criticised the content as containing too much...
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