Classroom Management

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Principles of Classroom Management
The core principles, or beliefs that I believe will guide my over classroom management plan is creating self-control, and the creation of the community. These two goals in my classroom not only teach discipline, but it allows children to find themselves, and gain trust amongst everyone in the classroom. According to John Dewey, “The ideal aim of education is the creation of power of self-control.” (Charney,19). Power of self-control is the power to assert oneself in a positive way. It is very important that your students know that they are the “boss” of their own body. Children need to know how important it is to control themselves during daily routines, and actions in the classroom. When creating self-control, teachers and children are involved in ongoing interactions, which draw on the experiences and the context of day-to-day life in your classroom and in school. Having self-control as a principle is very powerful. We as teachers need to teach self-control in the same way we teach our academics, as a recognized and valued part of school curriculum (Charney 21). Self- control can lead to a more fully engaged and purposeful school life in your students and in the students around you. With self-control students can solve problems, make and carry out plans, think of a good idea and act on it, and most important to make decisions. The second core principle I think is very important is creating a community in your classroom. By creating a community in the classroom, you are finding connections to others. It allows students to communicate with each and to feel safe. Building a community allows students to care for themselves and others. Nothing is more important than making sure your student knows they are safe and can trust their classroom. The classroom is a safe haven for the students, and if they do not feel safe than you have fail to create a community. Physical Arrangement

To start off, I would have a SMART Board at...
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