Classroom Culture

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I went to a Catholic school when I was in high school in the Philippines. The maximum students in the classroom is up to 50 people. It has to be very quiet or else the teacher will assign a certain student to make a list of those who are noisy. The teacher mostly speaks in the classroom and students must wait for the teacher to signal if there are some questions. Students can not speak at each other while the class is still going because most instructors do not want to be interrupted. Also, stundents can asks questions but they just have to wait for the teacher to call their name and entertain them. If a student want to ask the teacher a question, they have to raise right hand and never say anything until the name is called. It is okay to help another student during a class and not during the test because of students talk to each other during a test, it is considered cheating automatically. The teacher wears a modest uniform from Mondays through Fridays. Also, students wears uniform all school days and it has to be modest as well. Students mostly arrive on time, if a student comes late, they must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian before the guard will let them in and talk to the dean to explain the reason of tardiness. Coming to school with three lates even if it's not consecutive, they will be punished to clean the school ground or the restrooms for the whole day. When the teacher enters the room, all students stands up and greets the teacher all together. Students have assigned seats but it depends on the teacher sometimes. During the Spanish coloniazation, the males are separated from the females. They can't be in the same classroom due to a very conservative culture, but nowadays both sexes are in the same classroom. We call the teacher by their marital status or "Ma'am and Sir" then followed by their lastname. Tests are given during the entire year, every three and a half months. The type of grading system in the Philippines depends with the school....
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