Classiness at Its Best Form

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Classiness at its Best Form
The fashion world is a curious and elaborate realm that everybody, especially teenagers, wants to be a part of. From avant garde to casual, teenagers try to make a statement by adapting to a style that will make them stand out in a crowd. Of course, in fashion, style differs between every person. In high school, you can see almost every style that the young generation is drawn to. From Gothic punk to boho chic to vintage, the different flairs that teenagers tend to bring up definitely stand out. One of the trends in the teenage society is dressing like a hypebeast. Not all teenagers may be fond of it, actually a majority of teenagers hate it, but that is only because they are oozing jealousy. Hypebeast is a style designed for that few elite in the teenage society. Having this particular style becomes a part of who you are. How you act, how you speak, how you decide on certain things; being a hype beast will define what kind of person you are going to be. Exciting is it not? Well, before accepting who you will want to be, there are a few rules, so to speak, to start you off on the journey of becoming a hypebeast.

The first thing you want to do in order to enter the world of a hypebeast is to dress like one. Like the saying goes, you have to dress the part to be the part. Before even going to a store, you must know your brands. Obey, Stussy, Diamond Supply and Co., and Crooks and Castles are only some of the brands that you need to have. And to add on, those are only the brands for your tops. You need to have at least five different tees and button ups from each brand to start off with. Of course as you embrace this new style, you have to add to your collection. Your jeans need to be from Levi’s and only Levi’s. They need to be skinny jeans and khaki. No blue, no black, no white, just khaki. You also need at least seven pairs so start off with and add more later on. A series of jackets are also needed, preferably crewnecks and...
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