Classify Hospitality Outlets

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  • Published : October 14, 2011
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CLASSIFY HOSPITALITY OUTLETS IN A TRAVEL AND TOURISM CONTEXT.(P1)(M3) ‘While the term hospitality is a frequently used title for different sectors of the hotel and catering industry, the term can also be expanded to cover all products and services offered to the consumer away from home including travel, lodging, eating, entertainment, recreation and gaming. Such an expansion of the term hospitality provides the link with tourism in so far as it provides a range of activities, facilities and experiences.’(TIM KNOWLES, HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT-AN INTRODUCTION, 3, SECOND EDITION) In order to explain the classification of outlets in a travel and tourism organisation where hospitality offered we have to consider the components of travel and tourism

Travel agent: Travel agents provide a customer with advice and professional guidance on the choice of a holiday or to purchase travel products. Tour operators: A tour operator puts together holiday packages which consists of travel (road, rail, sea, air) accommodation (hotel, guesthouse, etc) and travel service (transfer to and from the destination airport, car hire, excursions.) Transport providers: Transport providers are those operating any major form of transport which includes airlines, ferry operators, rail companies, and car hire companies. American airline is one of the partners of Claridge’s. Accommodation and catering: Accommodation principal are those who build and staff hotels, villas, apartments, holiday cottages which are available to any traveler. Some of them are major international chains such as May Bourne hotel groups, they have three luxurious five star international hotel chains Claridge’s, Connaught, The Berkeley. There are also other types of accommodation and catering provider such as Motel: A hotel providing travelers with lodging and free parking facilities, typically a roadside hotel. Restaurant: An establishment where meals are served to customers. For example Gordon...
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