Classified the Person That I Don't Want to Get Marry

Topics: Marriage, Need, Want Pages: 3 (1269 words) Published: October 13, 2012
Classified The Person That You Do Not Want To Marry
Nowdays, the percentage of people getting married in their late ages are increasing from years to years. It’s not yet known whether today’s young adults are abonding marriage or merely delaying it. But, I do believe that people in our society, are waiting later to get married is because they are still looking for their perfect couple. There are so many aspects to be considered by the person before she or he get married with someone. In my opinion, it is general to tell people what type of guy that you want to get married but when you tell them the classification of the person that you do not want to get marry, it will sound better. It is because no one talks about the bad thing of their own dream bridegroom. Specifically, the person that I do not want to marry is the person with bad attitudes, lack of social life skills and unhygienic person. The first characteristic of the guy that I do not want to get married is with the man who has bad attitudes such as disrespectful and immature. My future husband has to be a polite guy. The most important is he needs to be polite with me. I do believe that when we respect our partner, they will do the same thing towards us. It’s hard for me to cooperate or even worst, to share life with disrespectful person because they will never care about your feeling and never treat you in the best way. This type of person will only care about his own decision and never ask about his partner opinions and I do not want to get married with this type of person. The person that I to get married with has to be polite with others such as my parents, my friends and people surround me. It will be the pictures on how he treats me at home. People do judging others based on their actions and I do not want people to get wrong about my life after I get married. Therefore, I surely decline the man who is disrespectful to me and others. I always want to get married with a mature guy...
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